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Where Do We Go From Here? Moving Beyond Survival

January — a time for new year’s resolutions. However, like all good intentions, they fall by the wayside. Until we think through and actually define what we want, our ambitions and aspirations will remain just dreams and desires.

What do I want and why is it important to me? What is needed to create a workable goal? What benefits will I get? Where do we go from here?

Discover how considering new approaches will expand your frame of reference so you can find new coping skills that will enable you to move beyond survival.

Reframe to See More of Your Life

Adjust Your Focus: Reframe Your Circumstances | FocusWithMarlene.com

From childhood on, we are creating beliefs about ourselves and our world based on the interpretations we make. We make assumptions and expectations that form a framework from which to appropriately respond to life. These frames of reference motivate and guide our thinking, our emotional responses, and our behavior.

How we frame our world creates meaning and helps us navigate the ups and downs of living.

Enlarging our frame of reference

If our frames of reference are small and limiting, our lives will be restrictive, negative and inflexible.

If we enlarge our frames of reference, we see a bigger picture and have a better understanding of occurrences that are causing pain and anxiety.