“Wow! What a great presentation”… “Captivating speaking. You really grabbed the audience with your examples. Really liked how you interacted with the audience” … “Wonderful educator and speaker with a wealth of knowledge” … “I feel like I am taking my life back with what I have learned.”

—Comments from people who attended Marlene’s events

“During this difficult recession, many people are under enormous stress, whether at work or because they are out of work. At our retreat, Marlene helped our church people be reminded of God’s great resources to reassure us and be calmed and strengthened.”

—Pastor George Lockwood, La Conner Methodist Church

“Greatly appreciated and very well done. God’s timing is always the right time.”

“Great opportunity for younger adults, too.”

—Comments from attendees at the “Healing Your Life Story” Workshop

“During my thirty years as a teacher and education program administrator, I have taught with many talented teachers from many different academic disciplines. None were more talented, more dedicated, or well prepared than Ms. Anderson.”

—Dr. E. Page Bailey, President, Human Resources Department, Corp of America

“The content was impressive. The students carried away a clear understanding of the challenges of ADHD kids and the need for multiple intervention and support to the family.”

—Gordon Lindbloom, Professor, Lewis & Clark College, Graduate School

“The speakers’ vulnerability took me deeper. The only thing about the retreat I didn’t like was that it ended too soon!”

“I felt unconditional love and acceptance. The speakers gave me hope.”

“I loved the sweetness and freshness of the speakers.”

“The teaching was very practical. They taught us how to implement the concepts into our daily lives.”

—Comments from attendees at the “Healing the Wounded Heart” Workshop