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Acknowledge and Affirm Your Positive and Negative Sides

When adversity and hardship hit, questions and doubts rush to the foreground:

“What will I do? How can I deal with this?”

Tough times can be either debilitating events or opportunities to become more than we were. If we play the “blame game” or continue to beat ourselves up, we will spend an enormous amount of energy and time going nowhere.

But when we acknowledge both our positive and negative sides, we open ourselves up to learning, growing, and becoming more confident.

5 Constructive Ways to Respond When Your Anger is Triggered

Does your first response to conflict resolve that conflict or create more conflict?

Is anger your typical reaction when things don’t go your way? Over time, untamed anger fuels resentment. Resentment becomes a “grievance story” that we repeat until it dominates our thinking. As resentment becomes our predominant attitude, we’re robbed of joy, pleasure, and peace.

Today on my podcast and blog, you’ll learn five things to do when your anger is triggered that will help you challenge and change your response.

Is Your First Response to Problems Reactive or Proactive?

Our reactions to circumstances can be negative or positive, reactive or proactive.

When we are reactive, our decisions are often hasty and impulsive because we don’t consider how our response might affect us or others.

When we are proactive, we take charge of our emotional reactions, even those that are painful or offensive, and choose how to respond.

Today on my blog and podcast, learn the characteristics of reactive vs. proactive responses. Ponder the reflection questions, which will reveal your typical way of responding to difficult decisions.

And then take charge of your emotions and thoughts!

Yes, I Can Develop a New Perspective

What choices will you make today that will move you toward new opportunities?

Today on my blog and podcast, I’ll share the story of a single mom whose job-related injury made her feel grim and hopeless — until she reframed her situation.

Her story encourages us to stop nursing grievances and resentments and instead, to change our perspective. Take the quick self-inventory that’s in today’s post. It’ll help you begin to transform challenging circumstances into opportunities.

Step Out. Risk!

Are you at a crossroads in life where what you are doing is not satisfying and drains your energy?

Do you think you are too tired or old to start something new or to redirect your life, even if it is something you have always wanted to do?

It is never too late to enhance your life or become more of who you are.

Let’s do some quick, fun reflective thinking.

If you could do anything you wanted without worrying about money, what would you be doing?

Today on my blog and podcast, I’ll share 5 helpful tips for nurturing an “I can do” attitude.

You Will Become What You Focus On

A personal story of why our FOCUS is so important

Years ago, when our kids were in school, I began attending attended classes at a community college as a returning adult. My husband was head of the music department there. The college was in its infancy and the department heads were active in recruiting and developing curriculum and programs.

It was an exciting time and I enjoyed taking different classes that stretched my mind. At some point, however, I decided I needed to focus on where I wanted all this to take me, and began taking classes that would direct me into a career.

A Guide to Developing Character and Wisdom

What is character and why is it important?

Do I need to spend time and energy to develop it?

Won’t I develop character and acquire wisdom simply by living?

Well, yes and no. We do gain wisdom by learning through our mistakes. However, gaining it in that way alone can be risky. Mistakes can be costly, with lifelong consequences.

Today on my blog and podcast, I present a character development exercise you can work through. It will help you define the principles you live by — and the ones you want to live by.

7 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Feel Fearful

paper dragon

Fear can be our friend or our enemy. It can prepare us, instruct us, and keep us safe. Or it can become a huge, threatening shadow that locks us in anxiety, worry, doubt, uncertainty, and helplessness.

Often, we spend too much time paying attention to the emotional response of fear and not enough time identifying what we are afraid of. We can spend hours worrying about the “what ifs” that our mind creates when held in the grip of fear.

We can recognize and reduce unhealthy anxiety and fear by asking ourselves seven questions when our fear buttons get triggered.

5 Ways to Prevent Fear from Paralyzing You

When our lives are dominated by anxiety and fear, we will experience panic, which freezes us and sets off a chain reaction of more negative thoughts. Anxiety keeps feeding the fear and panic with slogans such as:

  • “You’re doomed.”
  • “There’s nothing you can do.”
  • “It’s hopeless.”

But when we peel away the layers of our fears, hidden beliefs that compromise our ability to take that next step are revealed.

Today on my podcast and blog, you’ll learn five ways to unveil hidden beliefs and thought patterns so you can confront your fears and begin to work through them.

What is the Root Cause of Your Anxiety and Fear?

Creating and Taming Fear Dragons | FocusWithMarlene.com

Years ago, I was attacked in my home by an intruder. I was fortunate and came away unhurt. But it was a moment of real fear when confronted with a danger that was overpowering and very real.

Fear – like all emotions – gives us information. It can warn us, keep us safe, and alert us to danger. It can help prevent disasters. It can empower us to take appropriate action to avoid a calamity or to correct behaviors.

Today on my blog and podcast, we’ll talk about “what if” fears that can overwhelm us and lead to a negative internal dialogue that creates a “fear dragon.” You’ll learn what to do when you recognize a “fear dragon.”