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Tree of Hope

Having lunch the other day with a fellow author, I became interested in a poem she had written. Grieving the loss of a family member she shared the difficulty of writing during this period. The poem she shared with us seemed so appropriate for the Lenten season, and I asked if she would mind if I posted her poem on my website blog. She said yes.

When she sent me the poem, I was blown away by the depth of love and creative talent that went into writing this poem.

Darlene Dubay, is not just another would-be writer. I had the privilege of doing a book review of her book, The Tales of Two Sisters, available on Amazon.com. a few years ago. Follow the 2 links to see her website, and to read the review.

As authors and Christians, I am privileged to post Darlene’s poem as this week’s blog during Holy Week. The picture above was taken by a very talented photographer friend of mine, Maria Kumlander, who lives in California.


What’s in a word?

Imagine – Create – Believe

Inspire – Transform


They can maim, cut, injure, wound and kill the spirits of others.


they can inspire, motivate, life up, and give new life to those we direct them to.

Twice a week I attend a wonderful exercise class that helps keep those of us who attend develop strength and balance and keep physically fit. It is taught by the vivacious owner of Inspire Fitness, Jennifer Beemer.


My sister – not by blood, but by a bond forged over the years.

Sometimes we are fortunate in that God gives two people a heritage that goes beyond blood, and we can truly call ourselves sisters.

Through thick and thin – good times and bad – I know I can depend on her to be there – for support – for physical assistance – someone who never thought twice to fly all the way from England to be with me when my husband was dying.

We were a foursome – with husbands who were just as good friends as we were. Coming home for summer breaks, they would walk in the door and we continued our conversation as though it were yesterday instead of two years.

Our lives though lived apart most of the time, was entwined by common threads that took us beyond the everyday and mundane to something special and extraordinary.


We spend time with those things we value. What is valuable in your life?