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MP900439449What’s in a word?

Imagine – Create – Believe

Inspire – Transform


They can maim, cut, injure, wound and kill the spirits of others.


They can inspire, motivate, lift up, and give new life to those we direct them to.


Twice a week, I attend a wonderful exercise class that helps keep those of us who attend keep physically fit and develop strength and balance. It is taught by the vivacious owner of “Inspire Fitness”, Jennifer Beemer.

One day, she wore a shirt to class that had the following words printed on it:

imagine – create – believe – inspire – transform.

I love words that inspire and motivate others and my interest was immediately peaked.  How did she happen to choose such words to make a statement for her fitness classes?

She told me she had found a bracelet years ago that had those words on it and was so moved by them she adopted them as part of her personal business mission statement.  She was dedicated to helping people stay physically fit especially as they got older.

To define their importance even more, she expanded the meaning of each of those words.

Here is how Jennifer defines them in relation to what she does:


Imagine. . . a life of wellness and vitality

Create. . . the possibility and the plan

Believe. . . you have it within you to achieve your goals

Inspire. . . others with your success

Transform. . . your world


I was impressed with her added definition and asked if I could use them in my blog. These are more than just words used as a mission statement. They are words each of us can make our own.

We can take these words, expand their meaning and make them a part of our own personal mission statement by which we choose to live.

My challenge to you:  take some time, think about the implication of each word and weave them into your own personal code and meaning.  Then repeat them as affirmations each day. Affirmations are statements that draw us closer to something.

And if you live anywhere near La Conner, WA check out Jennifer’s exercise studio. She would love to have you come and join one of her classes. I know those of us who attend look forward to each session because of Jennifer’s vitality and love of helping others maintain a fitness program for their life.

Thanks Jennifer.

Marlene Anderson

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