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5 Ways to Prevent Fear from Paralyzing You

When our lives are dominated by anxiety and fear, we will experience panic, which freezes us and sets off a chain reaction of more negative thoughts. Anxiety keeps feeding the fear and panic with slogans such as:

  • “You’re doomed.”
  • “There’s nothing you can do.”
  • “It’s hopeless.”

But when we peel away the layers of our fears, hidden beliefs that compromise our ability to take that next step are revealed.

Today on my podcast and blog, you’ll learn five ways to unveil hidden beliefs and thought patterns so you can confront your fears and begin to work through them.

Building a Bridge

Hilly old bridge

When transitioning from a loss, you need to build a bridge from your ending to a new beginning.

You can’t go back and glue the pieces of your life together again. But you can pick up the pieces you need and find a new way to connect them.

In this week’s blog post and podcast episode, you’ll get tips for building that bridge to a new beginning.

I’ll show you how to choose responses that move you forward, and I’ll ask five questions that will help you gain a better understanding of yourself, your abilities and possibilities.

Step Out in Confidence!

Step Out in Confidence!

The fears that prevent us from taking that first step out of our comfort zone are usually connected to feelings of vulnerability and inadequacy.

We don’t want to appear stupid or foolish.

We don’t want to be rejected.

We need people. We need to feel we belong. But we often sacrifice our ability to connect, achieve and overcome when fear takes center stage. We retreat rather than stepping out.