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Are You Reaching Your Goals?

To succeed with personal or professional goals, we must first define specifically what we want. Assessing and evaluating takes thoughtful consideration. Clarifying what is important is the first step in preparing to work for it.

Today on my blog and podcast, you’ll find a series of exercises to help you recognize behaviors and choices that worked and those that didn’t and why they didn’t.

We’ll look at the most common obstacle to achieving goals, and you’ll learn how free-writing unlocks the brain and allows creativity to flow.

Step 7 in Designing a Meaningful Life: Plan Your Goal

Goals enable us to accomplish what is really important to us. It involves ongoing evaluation and monitoring to correct time frames, remove obstacles, or break into smaller components if necessary. When replacing an established habit, for example, it takes time to put a new one in place.

Goal-setting helps us become aware of all the things we could accomplish that seemed impossible before.

Creating that goal statement and developing a specific plan of action is both exciting and keeps us on course. Goals need to be personal and have value to us.

Today on my blog and podcast, I’ll show you the basic components of any goal and give you an example of my own goal-setting process.