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2015 – Here We Come

SSGP0620The tree is down – the decorations stored for another year. And I am excited about a new year, building on what was started last year and in previous years.

Are you ready to start a new year with excitement and motivation, continuing to work on on-going goals as well as new ones?

For me, I find it helps to reflect on the prior year’s accomplishments and evaluate successes and failures.

What good intentions did I have but never got around to starting? What goals did I make and start but never completed? What kept me from completing them?  Was it lack of motivation?  Had I thought through carefully what I wanted to accomplish? What can I learn about myself that can help me this year?

With the goals I did complete, what kept me motivated when the going got tough? How can I apply these same strategies to my goals this year? Are there changes I need to make in my lifestyle, my thinking, and behavior and belief patterns that can increase my success rate?

So what did I learn?

Most of my goals are on-going where progress is measured on a continual basis, such as my goal to become a better writer. A manuscript I have been working on is being edited, two stories I wrote were published in two separate books and a third story is in the publication process. I completed my first non-fiction novella. Blogging continues to challenge and improve my writing skills.

This next year I want to devote more quality time to writing, developing and presenting workshops, speaking engagements and connecting with other writers.  I also want to continue supervising which gives me the opportunity to continue to learn new therapies, new science breakthroughs in psychology and neurobiology and follow the healing process of clients.

While I thrive in the realm of psychology and human relations, technology, however, continues to challenge me. But I have made progress there as well and purchased my first I-phone – which I must confess I use more for a camera than a phone. But I have made progress in taking those tiny steps in building a broader base from which learning will become easier.

This past year was full of commitments with an aggressive schedule. Applying the knowledge I have gained over the years about problem solving and remaining focused, I was able to keep distress to a minimum. During the remainder of this month, I will be sharing through my blogs strategies that can help you maximize the energy from stress to accomplish things while diminishing distress.

Singing and music is very important to me. I am fortunate to sing under the direction of talented and dedicated conductors. Music heals the soul and lifts the spirit.  Along with singing, I have been blessed by a bible study time shared with women who enjoy digging into the Word and sharing thoughts and applications and wisdom.   It is in the Word where we are grounded in moral truths that affect every aspect of living. These are two areas in my life where I not only will continue but hope to continue growing.

2015: Here We come.

I am ready to continue for the new year. How about you?  Take a moment and reflect on all the progress you have made.  Learn from your unsuccessful endeavors. Apply the new insights gained to the goals of this upcoming year. Reach out to others and offer them the support and assistance they might need. Share your struggles and successes. Together, let’s make this the best year ever.

Marlene Anderson



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