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A New Day

Young Woman Standing with Arms Stretched OutEvery day we have the opportunity to begin again – to start over – to write a new chapter in our life story.

We can choose to find solutions instead of dwelling on the insolvability of problems.

We can focus on all our blessings instead of all the things we think we have to have.

We can focus on love instead of hate – laughter instead of crying. We choose our focus.

Love, Laughter and Grace

Every day we are graced with a new beginning. Within each day we can purposefully look for the grace of God in our pain, make a decision to laugh in the midst of our struggles and accept God’s gift of love and then apply it throughout the day.

In all facets of life, we will find God waiting for us if we choose to look for Him: in the breath of spring, the flowers that spring out of the still cold earth.

We find Him in the vast expanse of His world and the universe, the changing seasons, and in the ebbs and tide of life.

We find Him everywhere – in life and in death. His grace touches the wounded heart, the bruised spirit, and our tired and exhausted engagement with life’s trials.

If we allow His love into our lives, we will find comfort and assurance. I do not have to be a brave soldier to fight off fear and anxiety. He gives me courage to endure and to let go of the endless struggle to be perfect and trying so hard. I can give myself permission to just be.


Oh, for the unrestraint of laughter – that shakes the rolls of belly fat and sends tears cascading down our cheeks as it takes away our breath in its intensity – laughter that drives out the demons of unhappiness, depression and loneliness. It is laughter that reminds us that under the fear that creeps into our spirits and soul there is love and grace.

Satan may have thought he had his revenge with the Cross – but God is laughing in the heavens. His Son has risen and forever shines on His people – It is love that wins. It is laughter that spreads the love – It is grace that binds it all together.

Each new day

So start each new day with love, laughter and grace.

Love God with all your heart – because He loves you with all of His.

Love your neighbor, spouse, and children. Love yourself – for God loves you.

Reach out to those who are in deep pain – yet cannot speak about it.

Reach out to those who want to laugh – help them to join in the song.

Reach out to those who are unlovable – welcome them for we too have felt unloved.

Love deeply, sincerely, and with wild abandon.

Laugh heartily, loudly and with great joy.

Accept the gift of love and laughter and with grace, accept yourself and others.

Marlene Anderson

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