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portrait of a young woman standing with arms akimbo in a parkWhat you say to yourself and others has long term consequences.  Words said in anger cut deep.  Words that devalue who you are, your worth and esteem put you in a self-imposed prison.

Communication begins with you to you.  When we esteem ourselves we can esteem others.

As you learn to appreciate who you are, you can assist your next steps forward with positive statements made in the first person “I” that affirm your significance and usefulness.  These confirm your positive intentions for life.


I affirm that I have choices and abilities

I  affirm I have worth and value

I affirm that I can accomplish any goals I choose when

I put my heart, mind and hard work to the task

Creating positive affirmations

Discouraging, hopeless and dispiriting messages tear us down. Affirmations reflect our values and principles.  They motivate and encourage us to be the best we can be.

Repeated daily they draw us towards the goals we have established.  They become a new self-fulfilling prophecy.

They also become a new automatic response to adversity and life in general.  They re-train our brain and our thought processes from a negative point of view to one that is positive and affirming.

Here are some possibilities for your consideration:

  • I am intelligent, capable and responsible for all my actions
  • I choose to expand my point of view and focus on what is positive in my life
  • I can become more than any hurtful events in my past
  • I forgive because hanging onto grievances will hurt me
  • I work for excellence instead of perfection
  • I am methodical and careful in everything I do
  • I focus on what I can do and not on what I can’t do
  • I let go of the hurts of the past so I can work on my future
  • I can say “no” and respect my decisions

Take some time and create your own affirmations.  Or use the ones above and modify them to address your special concerns, needs and wants.

Then act them and live them.  Let them guide you to positive new goals.

Marlene Anderson

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