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A New Structure for My Life

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We think of losses as something we quickly address and then dismiss. But the more significant the loss, the more the impact it has on every area of our life: social, financial, personal, family, friendships, and our past as well as our future.

Loss asks the question, where do I go from here?

There are many books on the market that speak to that early universal pain. We can experience a multitude of emotions: shock, anger, fear, anxiety, relief, shame, guilt, etc. Our pain will gradually recede as life demands we engage again to pay the bills and feed our families. But little information is offered to help us create a new roadmap moving forward.

My newly released book, Learning to Live Again in a New World, addresses that need.

Losses are not just mourning the death of someone or some aspect of your life.

Learning to Live Again in a New World, by Marlene Anderson | focuswithmarlene.comWith all endings, a transition is required to leave one reality behind before moving to another. In that process, reflection is required, goals need redefining, and we need to answer the question, who am I now?

I knew who I was yesterday, but who am I today?

Will I be required to move, or will I need a new job that can bring in new revenue?

What resources are available for me to get the information I need?

It is a time for careful thought and clarification as we review our life moving forward.

After a certain amount of time for grief, people have assumed we are healed, and life has resumed as usual. We are left on our own to struggle with the next part of grieving which is putting the pieces back together again in a workable and meaningful fashion. Trying to find a new normal takes time and we might hurry through some important decision considerations and decisions we need to make.

As I mentioned above, major losses affect every aspect of our life – some more harshly and extensively than others. It can trigger old losses from our childhood and our relationships within social circles begin to change. We lose confidence and begin to doubt ourselves and our abilities. Depending on age and circumstances, the amount of restructuring required of our lives can be greater than we anticipated.

Grieving a loss is more than just acceptance and letting go. It is about building a new reality within all areas of our life.

We need validation for the turmoil of thoughts and emotions we experience. But we also need the tools necessary to create a new beginning that is both satisfying and meaningful. Learning to Live Again in a New World offers those tools to help work through the problems you might be facing.

It is a guide to help you through the ups and downs of grieving a significant loss. And it includes a study guide at the end for use with groups.

Continue to follow my blog posts in the upcoming weeks as I share more about the exercises and methods to help you create a new norm for your life.

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