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A Step Into the Past

CCC band in Hawaii 001Every once in a while a door opens from our past and allows us to revisit friends and colleagues and experience once again good times from an earlier period in our life even if it is at an otherwise sad occasion.

One of my husband’s college band students had died and I went to Portland over the weekend to attend the memorial service. It was soon evident that this was more than just a memorial – it was a celebration of this talented young man’s life: by family, peers, and past teachers. CCC band Hawaii 002 001

Musicians have a camaraderie and bond shared in their love and expression of music. Mark was an excellent trumpet player, band teacher and administrator. In commemoration of Mark’s life in music, a group of 10-12 musicians played at the beginning and middle of the memorial service.

LeRoy's band 001At the reception afterwards, 17 jazz musicians formed a band and played the music they loved: the big band sounds of the 40’s and 50’s. It was a celebration of the love they share as musicians. They played for the joy of it in the moment and in remembrance of those no longer with us.

The rest of us who never had the pleasure of playing together on a band stand listened, appreciated and were uplifted by the sounds of the big bands we all loved.

It was a wonderful weekend in many ways: a time out from a very busy schedule, an opportunity to visit and spend time with friends I hadn’t seen for a long time, and connect with a friend who had lost a loved one not too many months ago – a spouse who besides, being a premiere baker and chocolatier, had been a musician who played in my husband’s bands.

The weekend was highlighted with time spent with my son and his family and meeting with an acquaintance who had authored an exciting new book that will be the book review on this upcoming Wednesday’s blog.

The weekend went too fast. It was sorrowful – but uplifting; filled with tears and laughter; full of memories. And it reminded me again of how much we need to celebrate the lives of those we love while they are still with us and rejoice in the wonderful relationships we have made over the years.

Marlene Anderson

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