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Award CertificateIf you can imagine a better life, you can create it.

If you believe you can, you will find the strength and resources to make it happen.

To achieve, you must first believe you can.

Just like you, I have struggled with the enormity of problems over the years and have been discouraged when trying to find solutions.

But I continue to remind myself that I have found solutions and can take whatever is handed to me and achieve something positive from it.


When struggling with devastating odds, we are often flooded with self doubts. “How will I do this? How will I survive?”  But when we stay in that space of doubt and fear, panic can set in and keep us frozen.

Yes you can!


StudentTo achieve anything we need to be willing to risk. As we step out into the unknown, the greatest obstacle we face is often ourselves.

What do you say to yourself when you are faced with unexpected tragedies, and life as you knew it has been turned upside down and inside out?

Life will throw us curve balls when we least expect it. And when it does, we will feel like a top spinning out of control. In the blink of an eye what we treasured can be snatched away and we will wonder what hit us. What will I do?

One of my stories

Years ago, my husband and I drove home from a large medical school hospital trying to absorb what the doctors had just told us. For five days doctors performed intensive tests trying to find the reason why our 10 month old son was unable to hold up his head. Words such as cerebral palsy, little to no intelligence, quadriplegic, were spoken to us as casually as if they were a weather forecast.

Struggling with the enormity of what we faced, I got on my knees to pray a very serious prayer. I knew I couldn’t ask God to simply take everything away – my son obviously had a very serious condition. But, I could and did ask God for the strength, courage and wisdom in raising our son and find ways to make his and our family’s life as normal as possible. I will never forget the incredible sense of peace and confidence I received. And I got up and knew we could do it.



We not only received strength and courage, but many other unexpected blessings as well. Don did not have cerebral palsy, nor was he mentally challenged and he was not a quadriplegic.

But he had been born with missing and weak muscles in his neck and other areas of his body. Although the diagnosis was less severe, his life was going to be a challenge for him and us.


I share this life event because I learned that the first course of action in any situation and crisis is prayer. And the second is to take that strength and courage and step out with confidence, determination and a “Yes I can” attitude.

Without a “Yes I Can” attitude, it would have been impossible to let him take the falls and scrapes and bruises he needed to gain that inner strength and confidence to become autonomous and self-reliant. We would have made him an invalid.


Young Woman Standing Over a Car Engine Bay Checking An Oil Dipstick

“Yes I Can” is a mindset that takes whatever life hands us and helps us use it to achieve.

It allows us to move forward with confidence.

It frees our energy to be creative, pro-active, resilient and flexible.

It enables us to risk

It gives us the freedom to try and fail and learn along the way.

It says, we are okay no matter what


“Yes I Can” is not only a skill – it is a way of life that allows you to live to the fullest.

Marlene Anderson


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