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Adjust Your Focus

thumbnailCAOVZJY2Those of you who love to take pictures do more than point and shoot. You are constantly adjusting the lens to take in more of the landscape or to narrow the scope to pinpoint a particular point of interest.

You continue to adjust your focus until you can capture exactly what you want.

You care about the lighting, the angle, the depth perception, and the nuances that give some pictures a timeless quality.


We adjust the lens of our cameras –

but do we adjust the lens of our camera of life?


Sometimes our focus needs to be needle sharp, pinpointing a particular problem that requires immediate attention.

At such times we narrow our scope to attend to it, completely obliterating anything else that is happening; such times as when our child is sick, someone is having a heart attack or we find ourselves in a dangerous situation.

At such moments we don’t care if the sun is shining, the birds are singing or the daffodils are blooming. What we care about is the emergency in front of us that takes center stage and requires our full attention.




Other times our focus is broadened and we stop to smell the roses, see the beauty of nature around us and relax in the comfort of knowing God loves us and so do others.


Every day when we get up we can adjust our focus.

When we have problems we can adjust our lens to look for those things that will give us the necessary information to work with,pinpointing the cause of the problem and then look for solutions.

Or we can allow our lens to get stuck on what isn’t working and

remain fixed on the problem instead of a solution.


DSC00764When our lens is stuck in only one position, we miss the beauty of life that surrounds us, the things that can make our heart sing, the people who enrich our lives, the work of nature that continues to keep things growing and moving from season to season.

We miss the opportunities to try new things, to experiment, to find new experiences and ways to build a positive life. We get stuck on hate instead of love, anger instead of compassion.

You are the camera of your life. You adjust the focus every day.


Each moment in time offers us something new to experience – a depth of understanding, a new perspective, a desire to accomplish, a passion to help and share. Within each moment in time we have opportunities that are gone in a second if we don’t focus on them. What amazing things we could accomplish if we allowed ourselves to think of the possibilities and act on them.


When I get up in the morning I have a choice as to what I will focus on.

I can focus on my vulnerabilities or I can focus on my strengths.

I can feel depressed about what I don’t have or I can rejoice with God about all the possibilities that lay before me.


I determine what pictures of life I will take. I determine the focus of my life camera.

Marlene Anderson

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