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Adjusting Our Sails

SSGP0813Goals are both liberating and demanding. We are required to use discipline and restraint to stay on course. Even when we have made a very detailed plan on how to reach our destination and have explored and made provisions for potential obstacles, we can run into unexpected setbacks that require adjustments or even a major redesign of our plan of action.

On a sailboat, the wind determines how your sailboat will move. With a headwind, you are required to tack back and forth in a zig-zag fashion to move forward. If the wind is too strong, you reduce the amount of sail you have up. If the wind dies down, you put up a light weight sail that can capture the slightest breezes.

The wind is the driver, the source of energy that moves you from place to place. The expert sailor knows how to take advantage of it.

Goals are the driving force – the source of motivation that energizes us to get to a new destination. The winds of life at the moment will determine the adjustments or corrections that must be made.

Knowing how to adjust your “sails” will allow you to compensate for whatever conditions you are facing, keeping you off the rocks and shoals.

When we run into problems or are not making the headway we want, it is necessary to step back and evaluate the situation.

While solving problems sounds simple, identifying the problem accurately is often more difficult and complex. We see the symptoms but may need more information and input to correctly identify and resolve the problem.

We see this all the time in everyday life. Relationships start to unravel. Marriages are headed for the rocks. The culture of the day is having an adverse influence on our kids. We see the symptoms of the problem, and make quick assessments and hasty decisions without considering all the factors.

Some things to consider when facing difficulties:

• What specifically is the problem

• Who is involved with this problem

• What corrections do I need to make personally

• What additional information or resources do I need to help resolve this problem

Goals not only set a direction, but help define who we are. Within our goals we learn about ourselves, who we are and who we can become. They make life interesting, exciting and enjoyable.

Marlene Anderson





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