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Graduates Lifting MortarboardsUnless we start making committed goals we will simply move along with the current of life without directing where we want to go – kind of like a piece of wood that floats down the river.

While we may make some specific goals, too often we simply float along the river of life without the defined goals needed to improve our life, marriages, relationships, etc.

When we get serious about taking charge of our lives, we start making committed goals.

When starting out, we might just move in a direction until we know what specifically we want, kind of like what happens when students enter college. They know they want a college degree but aren’t sure what they want to major in.

College is a good starting place in defining that direction because the first two years of study students take general courses needed to complete any degree program. It gives them an opportunity to explore options and discover more about themselves.  When I returned to college I thought I would major in music but soon realized that wasn’t  where my heart was.

Exploratory goals are ones where you start in a direction and then with more information about ourselves and our options, we define goals that we can accomplish.

Let me share is a personal example. I started journaling after the death of my husband. It led to the publication of my first book and more serious writing. I decided I wanted to become a better writer so I could share information I had learned both professionally and personally. I wrote in a forum with easy access for people who might be interested. As I blogged, attended writing critique groups and writer’s conferences I have become a better writer and have expanded my writing goal to seek ways to publish my work.

My desire to become a better writer established a routine of writing every day and writing more succinctly. What started as tiny steps in one direction has now led to a larger expansion of that original goal.

Where are you on your journey to take charge of your life and accomplish the things you want to do? What do you want to have happen? What things are you currently doing that are taking you in that direction? Are you ready to put together a more constructive and committed goal?

Marlene Anderson




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