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Become a Warrior

Fantasy 16If we could stand back and observe our lives, we might see the many unnecessary battles we have initiated, the casualties sustained and the injuries we have allowed to cripple us.

The personal battles we need to step into are ones where there is abuse: physical, emotional or psychological. It will take the battle gear of prayer, courage and the ability to define boundaries and communicate them.

It says what you will do and what you won’t do – what you will accept and what you won’t accept. It acknowledges your worth and the worth of your opponent while refusing to be a party to unacceptable behaviors.

When we do battle with addiction it means we are willing to acknowledge that we are addicted – no more denials – no more excuses – no more elaborate explanations – no more blame or victim stories.

It means we are willing to take that spark of courage and say I have a problem, I need help, and I can’t do this alone. Acknowledge your worth as a child of God, but don’t cover up the behaviors anymore.

When we do battle with children, we are teaching them about life. If we are just the authoritarian they will learn that when they finally get power they can use it over others.

Discipline is setting appropriate, defined and explained boundaries and consequences. When children learn there are always consequences of some kind to the choices they make – good or bad – they learn how to become accountable and responsible.

There is no battle of wills – parent against child – I win and you lose. When we set up rules and acceptable behaviors ahead of time, many unnessary battles can be avoided. We remain the parent with final authority, our children know they are loved unconditionally, but unacceptable behaviors will not tolerated or allowed.

When we do battle with ourselves, we are constantly beating ourselves up, are never good enough, competent enough and will always fail. Our comparisons with others always leave us diminished and the other superior.

Step back, listen to ourselves and replace negative, self defeating self talk with affirming statements of confidence.

Become a warrior

Put on the battle gear of wisdom, understanding and discernment; determination, fortitude and resolve. Pick up the courage and strength God lays down before us. 

Listen to your fears and then develop appropriate and winning plans of action. Use tough love when necessary, fight for appropriate boundaries but be willing to humbly acknowledge your own need for forgiveness and understanding.

©2013 Marlene Anderson

Sketch by Don L. Anderson, copyrighted.

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