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Become the Director of Your Life Story

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Important people from our childhood have a huge influence on who we become. We are part of a family and culture and we don’t want to lose that.

Sometimes, however, we are faced with tough decisions that go outside those early expectations. Sometimes we feel we cannot follow our own dream or develop the talents we were given without hurting someone.

It is never easy to become the director of your life story.

Become the Director of Your Life Story | FocusWithMarlene.comYet we need to be truthful and honest with who we are. To do that we need to know and accept ourselves, know what we want and why it is important so we can live honest and meaningful lives.

It isn’t just enough to know what we want and why, but what it will take to achieve that. Anything worthwhile takes time, careful consideration, planning, effort and persistence.

Make a list of the important people in your life as you grew up.

Add to that list all the people who are important to you right now.

  • What makes them important?
  • How do they encourage a belief in yourself?

List all the specific ways in which their influence has facilitated your growth and development. How can you thank them or let them know how much their interest and positive reinforcement has meant to you and helped you become the person you were designed to be?

Sometimes, in order to be the director of our life story, we are required to make some drastic changes in how we think and the associations we keep.

  • How do we build positive and nurturing relationships?
  • How do we maintain and respect the differences of those we love?

To make good choices we need to know what is important and valuable and how we can put that into action. It means examining our inner strengths and using it to help us clarify and attain important goals.

As you listen to today’s podcast episode, I share a story of someone who faced some difficult life circumstances, made some tough choices, and became the director of her life story. She was able to grow and become genuine and heal old wounds and rebuild important relationships.

Marlene Anderson

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