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Book Feature: Anger – Deal with it, Heal with it, Stop it from Killing You

I am a supporter of self-help. I am also an advocate of therapy. Both are needed. Even when we recognize that a good counselor may be needed to help sort through the tangles of emotions, behaviors, thoughts and experiences, there is a lot we can do both beforehand and during therapy such as reading credible literature available to us.

Anger book“Anger, Deal with It, Heal with It, Stop it from Killing You,” by Bill DeFoore, Ph.D., is one such book.

Whether you struggle with your own quick reaction to events with anger or know someone personally who continues to flash anger in your face, reading about a subject that we all come in contact with at some time, can give us both understanding and grace.

Bill DeFoore’s book is easy to read and gives us a good description of some of the many aspects of anger, such as:

  • a protective shield

  • inability to remain buried

  • covering up for passivity – our fear of taking action

  • what it can grow into when not addressed – Rage

  • protecting our inner child

  • The role of anger – what do we need to learn about it

  • Some faces of anger: the raging bull or the wild man

But even more important than its descriptive tenets, De Foore goes on to tell us healthy ways to release our anger responsibly.

Anger out of control is a problem. Anger that is buried eventually explodes. Anger can become a habit and also addictive. Anger used appropriately helps us right wrongs, set necessary boundaries and live life honestly and responsibly.

Marlene Anderson


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