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Book Feature – Killing Jesus

Killing JesusImagine you are a reporter during the time of Jesus. What would you see? What would you report? Who would you interview? What historical events are associated with this time period that contributed to the life, trial and killing of Jesus Christ? How would you report such an event without bias during highly conflicted and explosive times?

As these authors have done with other books, the story starts at the beginning of what would eventually lead to crucifixion and death. Herod was fearful of a new “king” and upon his orders to Roman soldiers, set out to kill the baby Jesus before he could grow up.  Instead, his parents and the baby flee and many other children are slaughtered instead.

As a student of the bible for many years, I am familiar with the story of Jesus as portrayed in the four gospels just as you are.  But these authors, Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard, have included historical information that fills out the life and times of that period.

I highly recommend this book. Put aside any political ideologies, and simply read this by an author who has been a reporter for many years and gives us this rare opportunity to explore the life and death of Jesus from a historical basis.

As in the other books written by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard, this book grabs your attention and gives you an additional account of an event that has impacted the world and our lives as none other. Follow the link below.


Other books that I have enjoyed reading written by these authors that you might also enjoy are: Killing Kennedy, Killing Lincoln, Killing Patton.

Marlene Anderson

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