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Book Review – Undivided Heart

How do you write a review of a book so full of information that it is hard to know where to begin. Undivided Heart, Bridging my Relationship with Myself, Others and God is such a book.

Cover Front Book 2While full of information that each of us needs and can use, it is written in a simple style, easy to follow and understand.

It is a boon to those who are tactile and visual as Diana has taken complex, concrete concepts and has reduced them to an everyday language we can use and understand.

It opens up the mysteries of emotions and helps us explore our values and the conflicts we encounter when we are conflicted about them. She helps us explore the places in our life where we have gotten stuck; those moments when we struggle to believe in God and ourselves.

Every life story has those moments of hurt and pain and misunderstanding. In her seven step approach, Diana helps us bridge a relationship with ourselves which can then led to bridging that communication with God and others.

The first two steps help us discover what I want and need and renew our hope.  Step three outlines healthful ways of living and step four reveals the lies we are lead to believe about ourselves.  The last three steps help us understand and identify our feelings, recapture spontaneity and prepare for a wonderful new adventure in life.  She weaves in both God’s principles, the gospel and beatitudes along with psychology which  helps us understand the steps we need to take to reach those objectives and live joyful, happy lives.

There are self help books and then there are self help books. This one is at the top. It is full of charts and well designed questions to help us uncover more about ourselves.  It is recognized by counselors and theologians alike and is a delight to the lay person.

Diana is a Northwest writer, a graduate from Western Seminary, and has taught at colleges and presented retreats for women for the last ten to 15 years. Her book is used to teach elders in her church how to help others. Undivided Heart is a two book series that takes you through understanding and then application of biblical and psychology truths. There is a Leaders Guide available for those who want to lead a study group in their church or community. These are available on her website. http://dianagreeneministries.com/.

She has published two other books, Where’s the Water and Winter Has Passed, which are available on Amazon.com. Diana is available for speaking engagements, retreats and teaching leaders how to use her material. Diana is a warm, engaging and dynamic woman who loves her Lord and has a passion for helping others become who they were designed to be.

Marlene Anderson

2 Responses to “Book Review – Undivided Heart”

  1. Reply Diana Greene

    Jeremy, my web-designer, has linked us together! I have a couple quotes from your write up on my blog and have invited people to your web page to read more.

    Thank you! Again! Diana

    • Reply Marlene Anderson, MA, LMHC, NCC

      Your’re welcome Diana – I am sharing your book with a friend who couldn’t afford to purchase it. Good luck with your ministry

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