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Bottle Caps


river-cruise-2I have just returned from a wonderful

European river cruise;


Pleasant conversation, new relationships,

and perspectives from those coming

from many different parts of the world;

pampered by cheerful and

accommodating staff, good food

and good wine.





Daily excursions took us to old castles on the hill,

gingerbread houses and towns and the natural beauty

found in countries and ancient towns along the Danube

and Rhine rivers; a wonderful stew of sights and sounds

and stories that will continue to be enjoyed through the

hundreds of pictures taken and in our memory banks.




So where does bottle caps fit into all this?



One of the friends I traveled with was collecting bottle capsoct-river-cruise

of beers from around the world for her son’s collection. So while

enjoying towns, watching our steps as we walked over uneven

cobble stones, she kept one eye open for that bottle cap that

might have fallen into the cracks and crevices of the uneven

stones we were walking on.





It was amazing how many she spotted without even

trying to look – they just kind of jumped out at her.

The rest of us also became aware of them too without

even looking.




It occurred to me that we could also be alert to spotting and collecting the many blessings and

gratitude’s that are tucked into the sticks and stones of the uneven roads in our life.


img_3737    img_3225 img_3227 img_3679

All we have to do is make it important and soon

without even looking or trying, we begin to recognize

and acknowledge all the little blessings God seems to

have in store for us. They become treasures that

warm our hearts and souls and help us appreciate

each other and how much we have even in the midst

of tough times .





I enjoyed my trip and was blessed every day by the

historic towns, the beauty, the conversations

from the many, many people I met from all over the

world.  I continue to look for those blessings as I go back

to my daily routines and schedules.




I know they will be as sweet as the candies and cakes

in this window.

Marlene Anderson





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