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Celebrate Your Life Accomplishments

MP900438417As I listened to my granddaughter give her speech at the graduation ceremonies from elementary to middle school, I was impressed by her ability to reflect on important markers in her young life, her aspirations for the future and her ability to deliver these thoughts. It wasn’t just her Mom and I who were proud but many friends.

Making graduation an earlier tradition in the life of students may seem frivolous, but I think it gives students an opportunity to think about education in a positive way and with the help of teachers, principals and parents working together can make education important. She had attended a good school with dedicated teachers and principal who made education both challenging but exciting.

Exciting and challenging

Life can be both exciting and challenging. When we leave the halls of academia, we sometimes forget to congratulate ourselves and celebrate little graduations in our lives.

As we move from one series of learning to another in the University of Life we are no longer awarded degrees or diplomas; yet at each step along the way we have completed a course in life learning.

Give yourself a mini graduation. Award yourself with a mental diploma for what you have accomplished.

Tough times turn our focus on everything that went wrong in our lives and what went right is forgotten.

Take a moment and celebrate the successes you have had, remembering that successes are not measured by accomplishments alone – but by the diligence and resolve and grit to pick ourselves up and keep trying.

Take a moment from your busy life and celebrate your hard work, the fortitude it has taken to travel tough paths; celebrate the good choices you have made; the sweat and tears and the work it takes to overcome fears, tragedies and losses.

Celebrate the milestones, no matter how insignificant they may seem.

Congratulations on graduating from one step in life to another.

Marlene Anderson

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