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Do You Have A Voice

SSGP0620I was privileged to attend another NWCW’s Renewal Writer’s Conference last weekend. We not only had the opportunity to talk to editors and agents but to attend invaluable workshops they and others presented.

One of those workshops I attended was given by Kathleen Kerr; Associate Senior Editor of Harvest House Publications entitled “Voice – What you can’t learn from a Workshop.”

While struggling with all the technicalities of writing, we were encouraged not to forget our own voice. In an in-class exercise, we were asked to write in “our voice” the 23rd Psalm. I share that exercise with you this morning.

Oh Father, you are my shepherd – my comforter, my counselor – the one who guides my life. You direct me to places that are pleasant and sweet – those quiet places where my soul can be regenerated. You guide me so I don’t fall off the mountain’s path or slip into stagnant water or get lost in the desert going nowhere. You show me the roads to take and the direction to go. When I let you lead, I am not afraid – I know you are protecting me and keeping me safe. You provide for my needs as I go through life and I am satisfied. At the end of the day, I have food to eat and a place to sleep. I don’t fear my enemies – enemies of loneliness, doubt, rejection or distrust – for you are my protector as well as guide. Even if I have enemies all around me, I do not have to fear.

Oh Lord, I am so grateful – for I have been blessed. Others may not see the blessings, but I do – and my heart is full. I see your beauty around me every day and am satisfied and content. Wherever I am, I am with you – in your hands, your care, your protection, your house of love. Nothing can hurt me.

It’s not only writers who are challenged to be more of who they are. Within all the rules and demands on how we should and ought to live, and what we can and cannot do, our identities are often squelched leaving us feel like little robots. As we compare ourselves with others, we lose sight of ourselves.

God gives each of us a unique personality. We are not to be carbon copies of someone else. We are meant to be who we were created to be.

Be true to yourself. Be true to God.

Marlene Anderson


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