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Education has just Begun

Elderly lady typing on laptop. Shallow DOF.Graduation means you have accomplished something – you have spent time studying and learning and are now ready to apply that learning.

But your education has just begun

You are leaving one institution of learning for another. The University of Life is less structured; you don’t meet at a particular time of day or have a specific text book of study. The options for study are endless.

I loved to teach. Teaching challenged and expanded my learning base. Because the classes I taught in psychology and life development were captivating subjects to me, I could share that enthusiasm with my students as I thought of ways to make the subject relevant for their lives.

Teaching enabled me to constantly be learning. I wasn’t just presenting specific data and information, constructing and formatting lesson plans, I was teaching application, how to think, how to problem solve, discern and differentiate.

As life presents you with a multitude of course material, become a teacher as well as a student.

Gather information about your topic, and break it down into understandable and applicable steps. If you were teaching this subject, how would you teach it? What would your students need to learn? Then teach yourself.

Learning is fun. But only you can make it fascinating and interesting. Only you can choose to be enthusiastic about it.

Learn how to become a better communicator, negotiator, spouse and parent. Learn to set your ego aside. Learn how to navigate the rough waters – the hard times. Learn the mindsets that allow you to think long term rather than just immediate gratification.

Learn how to make problems work for you instead of against you. Learn what goals will benefit you over your lifetime versus just for the moment.

There are many books of knowledge available to us and “students of life” who have gained wisdom and are willing to mentor and share. Seek them out.

There will be tests; there will be sleepless nights and anxiety about making the right choices. There will be painful moments when we realize we need to let go of exaggerated egos to replace with humility and humor.

But in the end, it is all part of the excitement and satisfaction of learning – learning how to live life and live it well.

Marlene Anderson

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