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Focus on What You Can Do, Instead of What You Can’t

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This is part 1 in my series, “Focus on Building Confidence.”

We have all struggled with the enormity of problems we face and have gotten discouraged when we felt there were no solutions.

At such times, I had to remind myself that I could reach out to others for help, advice, support, and assistance. But, in the end, it was up to me. Only I could take charge of my life and address my problems.

With the help of God, I found the solutions I needed. They weren’t always perfect, but they opened the door to further possibilities.

FOCUS. What we continually focus on makes a huge difference.

We live in trying times that trigger anxiety and apprehension. Often, however, the greatest obstacle we face is ourselves.

Do we believe we can make it?

Do we have the ability to make reliable decisions?

Can we look for and find the solutions we need?

When faced with uncertainty, conflict, or unexpected tragedies, we come face-to-face with ourselves.

It’s at such times that we need to remind ourselves, “Yes, I can.” I can try as many times as needed. I can alter plans or update them when necessary. I can reach out for support and help.”

When the going gets tough, our first thoughts are often, “Oh no. Not again!”

The next thought bumping into that first one is “How can I survive another setback? I don’t know how I will make it. I’m not sure I can.”

Since there is an automatic physical response to our thoughts, we either get angry, mad, frustrated, or depressed. Every muscle in our body aches, and we are drained of energy. We may think the whole world is against us. We start imagining and dwelling on the worst that could happen and begin questioning everything about ourselves.

Every year we will face new obstacles.

But what we bring to them will be the key to meeting those challenges. We don’t ignore the problems we face but recognize we need to look for solutions.

Throughout this year, my blog and podcast will FOCUS on monthly themes that can help you live more productively. The content will give you tools that can be easily applied and integrated into your life, helping you focus on what you can do instead of what you can’t. I hope this content will encourage and motivate you to develop new strategies and maintain strength, hope, and faith.

As we focus on ways to enhance and improve our lives, we can reduce stress and anxiety. Instead of increasing fears, we can lower constant worry and tension as we learn and apply new skills.

Problems, when identified, can be resolved in some way, even if it is simply altering our response to them.

As we communicate with ourselves and others with a “Yes, I can” mindset, we can reduce conflicts and overcome obstacles.

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