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MP900444039Who can put a value on friendship?

Friends – true friends – are like gold.

Over the years there have been many people who have moved in and out of my life. Some have simply been nodding acquaintances or associates I have worked with professionally. Others came into my life when I needed someone I could rely on or when they reached out for support. Common needs, concerns, or life situations brought us together for a short period of time as we worked on projects or agendas. Travel introduced many people with common interests where within a short period of time we became “friends”.

But the friends that remain over the years, through thick and thin, difficulties and good times, are the friends of which no price can be put.

These are the friends whose loyalty, tolerance and genuine caring have helped me over the many bumps and tragedies of life. Like the friend who flew home from England to help me when my husband became ill. No hesitation – no concern other than to be there to help. Everything else was put on hold.

No matter how far apart, no matter how seldom we connect, there is a bond that goes beyond distance or time that remains in place despite the years. These have become more than simply friends – they have become a part of my family.

Perhaps there have been friends in your life that you not only remember with fondness, but wish you could connect again. Reach out – call – inquire. Rekindle that deep friendship that was so important to you at one time in your life. Share old times, the concerns of today and laugh over old stories.

Distance, different paths, and life circumstances take us in different directions. But for those who are true friends, neither time nor distance can shake the friendship you shared.

Friends – they are truly one of God’s blessings to us. I am blessed because it is not just old friends that bless me, but the new ones that have become a part of my friendship family.  For all the friends in my life, I thank you for your love, and laughter, and caring assistance.  And I pray that I will always be the friend you need and want as well.

Marlene Anderson


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