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2012-10-31-1843-38People who know me, know how important friendships are to me.

Relationships are the backbone of our sense of being. It is where we discover who we are.

Friends. Anyone who has had a loyal, long term friend knows exactly what I am talking about.

“Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but the kisses of an enemy are lavish and deceitful”  Proverbs 27:6

There is give and take; they are not just there for the good times, but also for the tough times. They will travel great distances to be there in your time of need.  Thank you Dede.

They support you when you are down and out and help you work through difficult problems without automatically giving you their answers to your problem.


Ron and Laree - 1-08They listen and validate what you are experiencing without critical judgment.


They support you as you struggle through hard times.


They are loyal throughout the years.



Friends – what would the world be without them?



IMG_2410Some friends start out as casual acquaintances and then either build from there or become passing ships on the busy road of life.

But it is those who you build upon that are worth a fortune.

Sometimes, they come in a moment in time and then are gone to appear  again years later and you begin where you left off.

Such was what happened last week, when after 26 years I was to meet again a now accomplished and very talented composer from Russia who first visited our home years ago introduced by friends of ours.

We remembered and reminisced about that time so long ago. None of us had forgotten. Nice to see you again, Sergay.

But to have friends you must first be a friend.


IMG_0453What kind of friend would you say you were?

Would your friends agree?

Are you loyal? Do you care as much for them as you care for yourself?

Are you willing to go that extra mile without expecting something in return?

Do you consider your friends wants and needs as much as your own?

Are you respectful of your differences?

How many friends do  you have that have lasted for many years?


As we go forward with relationships, let’s talk about what it means to be a friend.

Write and tell me about your wonderful friendships and what made them so good.

Marlene Anderson

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