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Get Ready – Set – Go

Woman Rollerblading on a PierYou have taken your wish list and eliminated the items that are not important enough to make them into goals. You can go back to them later if you want.

The ones remaining are important and you are now ready to turn them into goals and plans of action. You have chosen to take charge of your life.

Making goals can be both sobering and a bit intimidating. There is a payoff, after all, for not making goals. When we do not take an active role in setting goals and working towards them, we will use the excuses of blame and victimization. We are let off the hook. But in the end, we are left without a sense of worth and esteem and lack of accomplishment.

Goals take a commitment, a willingness to work harder and sticking to a plan of action. They don’t have to be huge. But the rewards far outweigh the inconvenience, extra time and effort and persistence it takes to accomplish them.

Any time we take charge of our lives, we are experiencing freedom. We are responsible for what we do and our responses to life. Goals give us the ability to make the changes we want to make.

But where do we start?

If we choose too many goals to work on at one time, our energy will be scattered and we will end up getting discouraged, stressed and give up. If we choose a long-term goal it will be hard to stay motivated.

 Success breeds enthusiasm

Start on a goal you know you can accomplish within a month or two. It might be a goal that helps you manage your time or helps you to become organized. As you start with little steps working daily on these types of goals, they will soon become a habit. Starting with small goals and experiencing success sets the internal motivation and establishes a foundation to work on larger goals.

 Marlene Anderson



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