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Giving Thanks


I have so much to be thankful for this year and every year. How often we focus on the not so good instead of all the good things in our lives?  We don’t need to wait for Thanksgiving to be thankful and grateful.  Finding those kernels of blessings and gratitude are essential every day in helping us survive the fast pace, disappointments and huge learning curves.


I want to especially thank everyone who has helped me with my writing career enabling me to blog and write and speak, for their encouragement, helpful critiques, and suggestions.  I have learned a lot with still a lot to learn, especially technology. But that technology enables me to blog and hopefully, start podcasting. It is exciting to be able to share both my training and life experiences and the Love of God. In the upcoming months, I will be focusing on ways to “Pick up the Pieces” and take that next step when losses and life have knocked us down.


As we sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, I hope you will enjoy your time together with family and friends, catching up with what they have been doing, and letting them know how special they are.  Share the love you have been given. I thank God that we can get together as a family and share.


Marlene Anderson


Let me know if you have any special interests or topics you might want me to blog about.


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