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Gloom Busters

Eliz and DonWhen you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. And swing!” Leo Buscaglia

When was the last time you laughed – really laughed – until the tears rolled down your cheeks, your sides hurt and you gasped for air? You laughed and laughed and didn’t want to stop.

Something tickled your funny bone so that in an instant you saw the world differently – your situation was so bad, it was funny – your problem so profound, it was laughable – the ludicrous became the comical. The world had turned upside down and you laughed as you swung in the absurdity of the moment.

“The crisis of today is the joke of tomorrow.” H. G. Wells

What precipitated that laughter? How did it change how you felt about your world, your situation, yourself? How did it change the minutes and hours afterwards?

“Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.” Mark Twain

Laughter helped Allen Klein, author of “The Healing Power of Humor” go through the death of his beloved wife. Together, they chose to focus on the ludicrous, the absurd, and the farcical. They laughed over the ridiculous and after her death; these memories put a smile on his lips along with the tears on the eyelids. The focus was on the good times together and the wonderful memories that were created.

A year after my husband died, I invited a group of close friends over to my home for dinner and together we toasted his life and shared stories about the funny things he did, the way he could laugh at himself, and how much we loved his subtle humor. It was more than just a celebration of his life; it was a placing of wonderful stories and events and connections lovingly in our memories.

Each person has within them the ability to create humor and laughter. Humor is not just fun. It is extremely powerful “medicine” that heals the soul and mends the body. Humor is a revival, a mini vacation, a breath of fresh air, a way to cope. There is no situation so severe that we can’t find a way to laugh at it.

Humor can:

  • Instantly transport you to another world
  • Remove you from the troubles of the moment
  • Allow the pain to subside for a moment
  • Make life more bearable
  • Allow       you to laugh at yourself and your situation
  • Give you power over what seems impossible and powerless

What makes you laugh? When do you laugh the most? What if you took your impossible situation and looked at it upside down? Would it make you smile – maybe even laugh?

Comedians find humor in all life circumstances. In fact, they would not be in business if they couldn’t take the tragic events that occurred and turn them into occasions to laugh.

I challenge you to a week of laughter.

Marlene Anderson


2 Responses to “Gloom Busters”

  1. Reply Diana Greene

    We are going to celebrate my birthday today. I’ll accept your challenge to a NEW year!

    The book you mentioned, the Healing Power of Humor, what a wonderful perspective Allen and his wife had. You are right, in the hard times, humor sometimes is the only thing that gets you through it. I pray the Lord helps me remember this as I get older.

    • Reply Marlene Anderson, MA, LMHC, NCC

      It has taken me awhile to answer the comments people have made. So I am late in wishing you a wonderful birthday. Continue to celebrate all your talents.

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