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Graduates Lifting MortarboardsFull of promise and new beginnings

As I sat and watched my grandson’s graduation ceremonies, my son and I exchanged glances of pride knowing the hard work of the students. And we exchanged comments about the opportunity and joy that teaching gave us. We both share that passion for teaching.

It was a special night as we listened to a principal who held both the students and his teaching staff in esteem. Cleveland High School in Portland is ranked in the top ten in the nation for their excellence in teaching and I said a prayer of thanksgiving for all who work to help each and every student achieve their best as they go through their doors.

As teachers we have the opportunity to be a positive influence on the lives of students; encouraging and motivating them to do their best, to believe in themselves, work hard and never give up.

As parents and friends we also make a huge difference as we support their efforts. It is both humbling and exciting to see them in their caps and gowns and know that as teachers, parents and friends we helped in some small way on their journey. 

I am so proud of all my children and grandchildren. And the pride comes not from awards or accolades earned, but from the diligence and effort and sweat and tears it takes to get through these growing years.

It is not easy growing up and the lessons learned will be needed as they enter the University of Life.

My prayer is that each student will continue to believe in their ability to succeed, to find a way to persevere when disappointments, disillusion and setbacks occur. And that God will put others in their lives who will continue to encourage and support them. None of us can do it alone. We need each other.

Congratulations grandson!!! And congratulations to every graduate.

                                                  Marlene Anderson, Proud Grandmother

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