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Happy woman on a kayakA couple of weeks ago, a good friend of mine threw out a challenge to her friends: for one week write down five blessings every day. I was one of those friends.

“Will you do it,” she asked. My response: “Yes, of course, and the list of blessings is endless.”

As I starting writing down all the things I was thankful for – the blessings that surround me every day – I began to think beyond just the item itself. Why was I thankful? What made it a blessing?

As I began to expand the explanation of why I was thankful and what made that item a blessing, it became a very revealing exercise. Most were more than just “in the moment” blessing, but a blessing that continued on for years. Many started out as something I wouldn’t consider a blessing at the moment, but in reflection and application became a life transforming blessing.

Over the next several weeks, I will be sharing with you the things I am thankful for in my blogs. As I share with you, I challenge you, too, to begin a list of things you are thankful and grateful for – all those many blessings – often disguised. As you write them down, ask yourself the same questions. And if you feel comfortable, share them on my blog site. I think the exercise itself will become a blessing.

Marlene Anderson


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