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I Don’t Have Time for Stress

StudentSetting goals is just too stressful and I don’t have time for any more stress in my life!

If you are holding down a full time job, juggling appointments, and taking care of kids and a thousand other obligations, there is little time left for R & R let alone adding new goals. Won’t I simply be adding more stress to my life if I start adding new goals to my life?

It’s a fair question. Can I add pre-determined goals to my life without increasing my stress levels?

Let’s review the benefits of setting goals:

• I take charge of my life – I’m not dependent on others

• I am in charge of my time and how I spend it

• I determine how I will respond to adversity, roadblocks and other storms of life

• I am in charge of my accomplishments

What are the costs?

• I may need to organize and regulate my time and my life – I am a poor manager

• I may need to delegate and say no

• I may need to prioritize

• I may need to work with my family and others

• I may need to change my pool of friends

• I may need to set aside specific times to rest and relax

While it may sound daunting, setting goals and taking charge of our lives is liberating. The costs involved become benefits to all areas of our life. Freedom is the ability to choose our direction. Responsibility is our ability to respond to life.

In the upcoming weeks, I will be blogging on stress, how to manage it and how to reduce its effect on our lives – in short, how to make stress work for you!!

Marlene Anderson


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