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Two painted arrows on a road pointing towards a grassy mountainWhat were you doing Saturday, March 22nd?

On March 22nd our community was preparing for a gala fundraiser for our chorus. People in and around Oso, Darrington and Arlington, WA were going about their day as usual.

And then, without warning, a tragedy struck. A giant mudslide came tumbling down, obliterating everything in its path, taking the lives of people who were loved and cherished.

This blogspot today is dedicated to all those who have been impacted by this tragedy.

Pastor Michael Duncan from Darrington, WA, one of the survivors, tells us what minutes can mean and why the minutes in our lives are so important. Thank you, Michael, for sharing God’s saving grace and love and comfort, even in the midst of the worst of tragedies.

Please click on the link below to visit his website and the video of his talk as he tells us his own personal connection to this tragedy.


 Marlene Anderson

Michael Duncan is a member of NWCW and the author of several books including Shadow Remnant and A Life Worth Living

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