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“Let’s Talk”

Young Woman Sitting and Holding a Cup of CoffeeI am a visual person and with the help of my wonderful webmaster, Laura Christianson from Blogging Bistro, I have a new website with an invitation to “Let’s Talk” to anyone who stops by.

It is by deliberate design that my new website features a table and two chairs, with a pot of  tea (or coffee) – an invitation to sit and chat.

At the bottom of each page you can imagine yourself stepping out of the stream of life and into the small boat, floating lazily on its tether, to relax for a few minutes or hours, allowing the gentle rocking to take away all cares of the moment .

Life is full of unexpected joys and pleasures. It is also full of devastating events, tragedies and cruel misfortune that change our lives forever. The expectations we held have been shattered: that marriage we thought would last forever, the disloyal friend, the perfect family, or the accident that forever changed our ability to do things.

Sometimes the hardships were handed out early in life with alcoholic and abusive parents, or what some might consider even worse, the neglect and rejection from mothers or fathers who did not have the capacity or know how to love and nurture.

When we are down and out we need to talk, to share with another human being what life has handed us. When rejection instead of acceptance is the norm – we need to talk. When the stresses of life become overwhelming, we need to talk. In the sharing of our concerns and hurts and frustrations we are encouraged to try yet again.

As a therapist, I have heard many stories from individuals who have encountered tough times, have hit bottom and are struggling to get back on their feet – a journey that can seem endless. As we talk and sort through the hurts and pains, healing and recovery are allowed to enter those wounded places.

“Let’s Talk” is an opportunity to share with you the joys as well as sorrows of life and offer new tools to pick up and apply to your life to make it easier, happier and more meaningful.

Through your comments and feedback, we give one another support and understanding as we face similar trials. Directing our focus to God, we gather the strength needed to create a new and purposeful life.

So send me your comments – what you like and don’t like – what was helpful and what wasn’t.

As a licensed mental health counselor, former psychology teacher and current supervisor, I share my on-going training and background. As a Christian, I share my love of God, His love for each of us, and an ongoing developing relationship. As someone who also has experienced adversity, I share my own stories of survival.

But most of all, I dedicate this website to all of you, who come to visit and stay awhile to chat. I would love to hear from you, your stories, what life tools have helped you survive and thrive.

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Come in – stay awhile – Let’s Talk.

Marlene Anderson

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