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Making that Transition

Making that Transition | FocusWithMarlene.com

At the end of January, I started a series of blog posts based on a new program that will be coming out soon entitled, “Yes I Can, Step out in Confidence.”

The program focuses on how to pick up the pieces from a major setback and create a winning new focus for your life. These posts and the ones coming up are a preview of what my program offers.

Setbacks as opportunities

While it might be difficult to grasp the concept that setbacks can be one of our greatest life opportunities, it is when we are forced by circumstances to stop and evaluate that we can reflect, examine, and discover what works and get rid of what hinders our progress.

When we know what isn’t working, we can replace it with a new program that gives us the tools to succeed.

How do we start over when we feel there are no solutions to our problems?

When we get knocked down, we not only get discouraged, but waste our creative energy striking out or blaming others for our difficulties or distress. Remaining in that mindset takes away our personal power, and as we learned in the post on forgiveness, we can remain in a never-ending toxic cycle of bitterness and anger. Our focus remains on what we can’t do and not on what we can do.

Using setbacks to our advantage

Over the past two months, we’ve focused on starting the process of taking back our life by reviewing what we bring with us from our past that continues to undermine our confidence.

Completing the stories from our past gave us the opportunity to take a more measured look at what happened in our growing-up years and how it can have a negative influence today.

We were able to redefine and write a new narrative moving forward.

We are not our past. Our past does not define who we are unless we allow it to.

In last week’s post, we talked about building a positive bridge from the past to the present.

During this next series, our focus will be on our habits, and how they either help or hinder us.

  • How do your habits help you maximize your time?
  • What can you do differently that will help you accomplish your goals?

Our habits can influence everything in life, including stress levels, relationships, rest and relaxation and family time.

I would love to hear from you about the struggles you may be experiencing. What did you learn from the previous posts that has changed your perspective of who you are and who you can become?

  • What things are working for you and what isn’t?
  • Which habits would you like to change to maximize your time?

Your input is valuable to me and I will address your questions in upcoming posts.

Marlene Anderson

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