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New Paths – New Beginnings

j0447731God’s people wandered in the desert for 40 years longer than necessary because they refused to follow His instructions. Once again they came to the River Jordan and God instructs Joshua to take them into their promised land. They had come full circle and were once again at the same place.

But instead of a land of milk and honey on the other side, they focused on all the obstacles: powerful giant men, walled and fortified cities, and huge armies ready to conquer or defend. They didn’t see the good things – the opportunities and potentials – they only saw the obstacles.

“God, are you really asking us to cross this raging river and enter this hostile country.”

And once again, God assures them. “Yes you are to cross – but you will not be alone. I will be with you. Remember all the lessons I taught you in the desert. It is time to apply them. As you go, I will continue to give you the directions you need. Just don’t be timid. Pick up the courage and strength and faith I give you and apply them. I am your God and I will be with you every step of the way. I know the path and I will show it to you.”

New paths – raging rivers – new beginnings – they can all be overwhelming and with fear and timidly we ask, is this really where I am supposed to go? Am I to leave behind all the comfortable things I have become accustomed to and strike out into new territory? How will I know which path to take?

Our lives often seem like deserts full of sand and rocks, or paths with few if any markers. Instead of possibility and potential, we look over the landscape and see a land of giants and insurmountable walls and obstacles.

Maybe you are at a crossroads in your life and are wondering which direction to take. When I have been at such crossroads and raging rivers, I have found that prayer has opened the door to ask for wisdom, peace and instruction. God has always given me the strength to overcome my fears and all the obstacles that lie in my way. And when I walk out in faith and trust, roads open up and I see paths that had been previously hidden.

Marlene Anderson



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