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New Steps – New Year

Family Celebrating KwanzaaOver the last few months we explored six little words that can help transform our lives.

Imagine    Create    Believe

Achieve    Inspire  Transform

These are words I want to remember as I step into the new year. I want them to form stepping stones to a better life, a renewed life, a transformed life.


It takes imagination to create a church, a cathedral or skyscraper. It takes time to build a structure that will rise thousands of feet in the air. We need to believe in ourselves and our abilities to achieve the impossible. It takes determination and a willingness to allow our inspirations to find a way to transform our dreams and goals into actualities and a willingness to be vulnerable.


Within each of us are great possibilities for doing great things.  But it starts with the little things.  It is more than belief in one’s ability; it’s a belief in others – in their potential.  The possibilities then become how can we work together, how can we see the good in each other instead of all the things that divide us.

For after all, what each of us wants is to be loved and accepted; respected and given the opportunity to become all that God created us to be.  We can make that the focus of this next year or we can continue to strive for things that will divide us.

MP900444270As we reflect on all the things we have; if we allow our imagination and creativity to flow and believe we can do the things necessary to bring us together, we will be transformed from the ordinary to the extraordinary.  Our next steps will be discovering our potential and living our values, and reaching out to help others realize there’s.

Any new step can be both scary and exciting.  But It is where we reach out and take our Lord’s hand, asking Him for guidance and understanding and wisdom to become His people.

Marlene Anderson

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