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On Top of the Mountain

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Life requires determination, struggle and hard work. We are constantly learning new ways to adapt to the challenges put before us.

At times it seems we are going nowhere, pushing against a proverbial stone that won’t budge. We push and push and struggle and struggle and just when we are ready to give up, the stone moves and keeps moving. Exposed before us is a land of continued opportunity. We are energized and motivated once more.

Life has its ups and downs. And just when we think the challenges in front of us are too much, God gives us that extra spurt of energy, that reserve strength and from a deep well within us we draw upon our determination and resolve.

No matter what the challenge – no matter what the loss you have endured – no matter how much you want to give up – hang in there.

When I was grieving the loss of my husband I struggled to believe life could have purpose and meaning again. Acceptance and letting go were new skills I needed to master. Developing a new focus for my life was challenging.

Just when I thought life would never hold happiness and satisfaction again, I found myself at a new peak – on top of a mountain. When I looked back I could see the twists and turns it took to get here – the black canyons and deep abysses and steep trails that God had installed guard rails of protection. There had been resting places along the way. There were many times I wasn’t sure where my new path would take me.

Applying the skills I had learned earlier in life, I realized that God would provide the vision, the will and the strength needed to reach whatever new mountain top I needed to climb.

In our journey through life, we often forget that the God who created and loves us walks with us every day. We are often oblivious to His presence unless we purposely include Him.

Marlene Anderson


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