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IMG_2971Last year I went on a long anticipated river cruise. It was something I had wanted to do for years and was excited when I had the opportunity to go.

Because good friends had done most of the research for our trip and had established our traveling plans, what was left for me was to determine what I would take with me for the fifteen days we would be traveling on a beautiful river boat up the Danube, Main and Rheine rivers.

It took careful thought to determine what I would need on the trip.  The clothes I chose would need to meet many different weather situations: rain, sunshine and chilly winds as well as dress up and casual. At home I had a whole closet to choose from as needed. Now however, what ever clothes I took had to fit into two suitcases that I could carry.

What should I take? What do I need to purchase? What would I like to take but really could do without? Eventually, I came up with just the right amount, the right balance and was ready to take off.


The Trip of Life

As I work on my next book, The Next Step, Beyond Survival, I am reminded again of all the “stuff” we take with us through the trip of life:

resentment, grievances, labels, fault finding, unfair comparisons, hate, anger, fear, anxiety and tons of other garbage that continue to weigh us down.

Perhaps as we travel on this trip through 2017, we can repack our bags, take out the things that only weigh us down and put the following in place instead:

acceptance, confidence, problem solver, compassion, hope, humility, love, forgiveness and grace. The load will be lighter and much more serviceable.

Whatever we decide to take with us on our next steps into the future, I hope they will be exciting and motivating and energizing, helping us to solve problems, enhance our relationships and make life a true bold adventure.

Marlene Anderson


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