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Rainy Weather

RainbowYears ago my husband and I were fortunate enough to live and work in England. We lived in a charming little town about thirty miles outside London. While my husband worked for DODDS, I commuted to London to work.

I remember vividly my initiation to their weather. I left home under a cloudless, sunny sky. Forty-five minutes later as I was leaving the Underground train station in London to walk to work, the sky had changed from beautiful blue to dark clouds that suddenly opened up in a torrential rain. Before I could make it to work I was thoroughly drenched.

Now I knew why I saw so many British people carrying umbrellas. They obviously knew more about the weather patterns than I did and left home prepared for the possibility that it might rain.

Life has a way of turning from bright blue skies to dark ominous rain clouds in the twinkling of an eye. One minute you are busy working and enjoying life and the next you find yourself drenched from an unexpected turn of events. And you’re not sure whether you should laugh or cry.

Coming to work with your clothes drenched from unexpected rain does not make a pleasant day at work. Yet I remember thinking how totally like a drowned cat I looked like and I couldn’t help but laugh.

I learned that day that when I laugh at events that otherwise would make me angry or mad, I find it much easier to deal with whatever challenge has been placed before me.  And its much more fun.

Humor is good for the soul, the attitude and your life in general.

Marlene Anderson



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