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“Seattle Rayne”

MP900255470Early this year a group of writers, of which I was privileged to be a part, came together to write a Christmas Romance book, entitled “Mistletoe and Mocha”.

As we progressed with our writing, we decided that each person would complete their story in a novella,  under the umbrella name, “Mistletoe and Mocha”.  Because of many different time constraints, writing and work schedules, the individual authors agreed to publish at different times; many waiting until next year.  For some, it will be the beginning of a series.

My friend, Sylvia Stewart, was ready to proceed with publication. It is published and available on Amazon.com.  Here is a synopsis of her story:

“Seattle Rayne”

“Loneliness has hovered over Rayne De Marco’s life ever since leaving East Africa to live on her own in Seattle. Frequent infusions of coffee have neither enlivened her flagging business as a freelance writer nor her social life. Seattle’s gray winter skies seem to mirror her life. Then a mama cat with three rambunctious kittens finds a home in her above-the-garage apartment, and a handsome Montana cowboy, Matt Hayes, walks back into her life. Bring in a puppy who needs a little love and you have a Seattle romance that is as sure to warm your heart as the hot coffee Seattleites crave.

Follow the link below to get your copy.


Sylvia lived in Africa for many years and wrote her first novel, “Kondi’s Quest”, from her experiences as a missionary.  It is a wonderful book which I highly recommend.

Great job Sylvia!!

Marlene Anderson

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  1. Reply B Marks

    This comfy novella makes me want to curl up in a chair by the fire with a cat of my own. 🙂

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