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Soar Like an Eagle

Bald Eagle in Flight“I am excited about life and the wonderful discoveries I am making about myself and the possibilities and potential for my future.”

On Monday, I challenged you to make the above affirmation a mindset as you turn adversity into an opportunity. The possibilities for a new and wonderful life are limitless. But we do need to believe in ourselves and our abilities to make it happen.

When I was putting together the manuscript for my latest book, “From Winter to Spring”, I wrote about how difficult it was to grieve my loss. From the deck of my home I could see eagles, with powerful outstretched wings riding the thermal air currents, soaring upward until they were mere specks in the sky. I imagined myself soaring like those eagles, serenely floating above my pain and circumstances.

I don’t like heights. Neither do I like changes that turn my life upside down and inside out. But if I am going to soar like an eagle I need to pry my hands off the branch I am hanging onto, spread my wings and fly.

Eagles have incredible eyesight and enormous strength. We can become like an eagle as we work through the emotions of fear, anxiety, worry and anger that create resistance from taking that next step. 

As eagles soar high above the earth, their laser sharp eyesight target their prey from thousands of feet in the sky, and then with their incredible strength they swoop down and capture that prey.

Become like an eagle

When fears become overwhelming, take a time out and “soar like an eagle”. Relax in the security of God’s thermal air currents.

When you need to target those areas in your life that are keeping you “grounded” allow your eagle eye to focus on the problem. When you have identified what that is, allow your internal strength to grab hold of that problem and work through it.

When we recognize what areas require personal work in order to move forward, we need to get past the terror that keeps us clinging for dear life to that tree branch.

So Monday we will plunge right in and tackle those fears.

Marlene Anderson

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