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Sometimes words are not enough

MP900442656Sometimes words are not enough to express what is important in life – it can only be shown through pictures.

How do you share love.  How do you do good.  How do you live a life that cares.  How do you make a difference?

Someone sent me the following link this morning.  It was such a powerful piece, I wanted to share its message with my readers.


How long will it take to look at the video?  Probably about 2 minutes.  Does it have a message we need to hear?  Oh yes.  For we are all faced with how to live with a moral compass that is expressed in our daily lives.

Every day we have opportunities to extend grace and love to another human being.  It requires seeing the needs of others around us and responding.  It requires putting the needs of others first and a willingness to sacrifice time, money and self.

Marlene Anderson



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