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Take Advantage of Life’s Opportunities

We collect a lot of unnecessary and unhelpful “stuff” over time – old habits, old lifestyles and ways of doing things that are counterproductive.

To explore new options and look for new opportunities, you need to let go of what isn’t working and open yourself up to new ideas and discoveries.

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Listen to my podcast episode #2, Life’s Opportunities, to hear how my husband and I took advantage of opportunities when they occurred.

For us, it involved ways to travel and meet new people and make new friendships within our time frame and financial budget. It meant being willing to sacrifice when necessary to capture some of those moments.

Within all our travels and opportunities, we met new people, made new friends and experienced the history and cultures of the world. We entertained people from other countries in our home. And we didn’t sacrifice our jobs, families or a lot of finances to do it. But we gained a wealth of experiences that enriched our lives in so many ways.

You can be prepared to look for and take advantage of opportunities, as well. It doesn’t always mean you have a lot of money waiting to be spent, but you do know how to budget and set funds aside for opportune moments.

When you know what you like and what you would enjoy doing more of, you can prepare in many different ways – taking online courses, developing special skills if needed, and just being open to possibilities.

Life never needs to be static or boring.

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