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Thanks for the Memories

SSGP0354“Thanks for the Memories” was a song made popular by Frank Sinatra many years ago. Going down my list of things I am thankful and grateful for, memories are near the top.

Looking through many accumulated photos in my files to find pictures for my new website design, blogs, etc., I was made aware again of how many wonderful memories were created and shared with my family. It was a reminder that every day we are creating memories of some kind.

What memories are you creating?

Life goes up and down –we experience good times and bad times. But even in the worst of times, we can become aware of and capture those quick moments when we experience bursts of peace and love and compassion that tell us we are not alone – that God is with us.

These powerful memories are not captured by the camera lens – but rather by our internal lens and embedded in our memories. But to capture them, we need to be open to them so we can recognize and record them.

We can focus on the trauma, and the negative to the point that all we see is a dull, gray depressing world. But when we look for God’s pearls of grace in everything, we will see and be blessed by those special moments that lift our spirits and bring us hope and peace.

Marlene Anderson


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