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That First Important Step

MP900341471You have made a list of the goals you want to complete. Pick one that you are ready to work on.

Now ask yourself:

What will be different when my goal is completed. Get a firm picture in your mind of how your life will be improved when you complete your goal.

Goals need to be specific and measurable. State your goal as a behavior – something you are ready to accomplish. When will you start?  How long will it take to complete?  Set a time when you want to have this accomplished.

Here are two examples of measurable and specific goal statements: “I will enroll and complete a course in writing” or “I will design a time management schedule for myself and my family; I will get input from family members tonight.”

Goals need to be made in the first person. They must be personal. If you do not own your goal, you will not complete it. Don’t make goals that you feel others want you to make.  This is a goal you want to complete.

So the first task in making successful goals is to write down a statement that defines your goal as measurable and the positive behaviors that are required to get started.

Thursday we will continue with this process of making goals that work.

Marlene Anderson


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