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That Hidden Blessing

Bald Eagle in FlightBut they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles.” Is 40:31

Attached to the side of my computer is a small cross with the above words inscribed upon it. It is one of my favorite scripture verses. The words give me that immediate jolt of hope when events slam into my world with the force of a hurricane and threaten to destroy what I hold valuable.

When we have done all we can do, waiting on God is a peace no one can describe.

While there are many scripture verses that give me comfort and relief from emotional distress, this one draws my attention to God instead of the problem.

I have always enjoyed reading real life stories of people who have taken difficult and tragic events and turned them into a narrative of hope and inspiration. In the midst of their tragedies, they found nuggets of hope and blessings otherwise missed and used them to rebuild, replace or renew their lives.

If our eyes are drawn up to God as a source of strength and courage during difficult and dangerous times, we will find those nuggets of hope and blessings we would have otherwise missed.

When our focus is on hope we can see possibilities. When our focus is on possibilities we discover friends and people waiting to give us a hand up. Then we can find and grab hold of those toe holds to pull ourselves up.

When something is removed, something will be given to replace it. Let go; then grab hold. At those moments soar like an eagle. Look down and see the blessings along with the rubble.

This day, I thank God for my beautiful and wonderful daughter whose surgery reveals she is cancer free.

Marlene Anderson, Mother

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