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Threads of Life

I wish all of you a Happy New Year, with prayers and best wishes for a blessed 2021. I want to begin this year with a new series entitled Threads of Life.

Throughout our lifetime, we are weaving together the threads of our existence. Those threads are all around us – ready to be woven into a tapestry that shares our story and defines who we are. We choose how we weave them together. We are the designers.

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Developing a life of meaning, purpose, and joy

I have been reviewing the stories and blog posts I have written or used in presentations about ways you can enrich your life, find comfort in your losses, and overcome what might seem like impossible odds. I chose to put together a collection of those stories that best illustrates our ability to move beyond discouragement and develop a life of meaning and purpose and joy.

They illustrate how important each part of our life is.

No matter how barren or dark they might seem, in the end they become a testimony of endurance, determination and love that create the most beautiful of tapestries.

Weaving our tapestries

As we start weaving our tapestries, there will be threads of comfort and joy and accomplishment as well as threads of pain and hopelessness and despair. Woven together they express the milestones of discovery, insight and growth, mountaintops with grand vistas of opportunities and deep ravines of rejection and setbacks.

You might think your tapestry holds too many dark threads of fear and anxiety. But the gold threads you use to reveal the overcoming of impossible odds and hardships shine like a beacon against dark backgrounds.

You will have bright colorful threads of joy and laughter along with the gloomy threads of pain and sorrow. The dull, grey lifeless threads of discouragement form a background for those colorful threads.

There will be bright spots of red representing those moments that demanded immediate attention, caution, and assessment. The stability and calming of blue and yellow, like the morning sun and enduring blue skies that keep the edges from unraveling are highlighted throughout your tapestry.

This weaving is a lifetime work in progress. We are challenged by the threads we choose to weave our narratives. We have been wounded. But we also have been blessed. Throughout life, there will be threads that tease us with hope and promises of a better future. These are the enduring threads woven throughout our tapestry.

In the upcoming months, I will be sharing some of these stories. Some will bring you to tears – others will have you laughing for a long time. Still others reveal the importance of stopping and evaluating what we do and the consequences of our thinking and behavior.

I hope you enjoy this new Threads of Life series.

Marlene Anderson

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